Purchasing Advices

Roof rack

The roof rack is useful to carry :

  • alpine skis, cross-country skis
  • snowboards
  • soft water kayak, sea kayaks (simple or double)
  • bikes, tandems, canoes
  • transport box




  • very versatile.
  • very stable on the roof of the vehicle.
  • doesn’t damage the vehicle paint when installed.
  • transferable from a vehicle to another with minor modifications.
  • safe lock system.
  • doesn’t harm the driver’s rear view.


  • a little longer to install.
  • can increase the gas consumption by 5 % to 10 %.
  • the roof access is difficult on SUVs and minivans.
  • needs a particular attention when entering garage doors and underground parking lots.

Trunk Rack

The perfect rack for short distance journeys which allows to carry up to 3 bikes on the trunk.


  • easy to install and put away (can be folded).
  • transferable from a vehicle to another.
  • doesn’t create any air resistance.
  • affordable price.

Disadvantages ​

  • Less versatile (3 bikes maximum).
  • disables trunk access.
  • may hide the license plate.
  • additional accessories are required for a stable installation (cables, straps, padlocks).
  • can damage the vehicle paint when installed.
  • harms the driver rear’s view.

Hitch Rack

The perfect tool for average or long distance journeys which allows to carry up to 5 bikes, snowboards, and cross-country and/or alpine skis on the trailer hitch.


  • versatile for bikes and skis.
  • very good stability.
  • very safe for the average or long distance journeys.
  • only one safety strap touches the vehicle (in some cases, there is no contact whatsoever).
  • easy installation for the bikes.
  • useful for vehicles with hard to access roofs like : SUVs and minivans.
  • locking systems available.
  • easy to put away in the trunk.
  • tilting (to enable the opening the rear hatch on SUVs and minivans).


  • if the vehicle doesn’t have hitch rack system (plate, 1 1/4 inches or 2 inches square), you must prevent some installation costs.
  • may hide the license plate.
  • bikes can be damaged, applicable on certain models only.
  • skis are difficult to re-covered on this type of rack which can expose them to calcium and water.
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