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E4018 - Yakima Boatloader

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E4018 - Yakima Boatloader

This simple and ingenious load-assist product ensures you’ll never have to lift more than half your boat’s weight. The extendable arm slides out from your Yakima crossbar so you can effortlessly load boats solo, and more than makes up for any lack of strength after an exhausting day of paddling.

* Combines with the BigStack, Mako Aero Saddles, Mako Saddles, BowDown, HullRaiser, HullRaiser Aero, Kayak Stacker, HullyRollers, LandShark Saddles and Gunwale Brackets for the ultimate combination of easy loading and boat security
* You’ll never have to lift more than half your boat’s weight, saving your muscles for paddling,
not loading
* Telescoping arm retracts into your
Yakima crossbar
* Protects your car from dings, scratches, and
dents, and nearby people from hearing you curse
* Great for taller vehicles
* Resists corrosion, even if you paddle in saltwater
next to nuclear power plants

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