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RackUltra Various Accessories


Accessories Price Note
572 - Thule MultiLift CA$259.95 Perfect for the storage of your roof box
523 - Thule load straps 15 feet (4.57m) CA$54.95
855XT - Thule Quickdraw XT CA$64.95
502 - Thule Aero Load Stop CA$89.95
503 - Thule Load stop (4pcs) CA$89.95
538 - Thule 6-Foot Braided Steel Cable Lock CA$54.95
STL2 - Thule Snug-Tite lock CA$69.95 For all Thule hitch bike carrier
100500 - Thule Round Trip (pour vélo) CA$479.95 **Parfait pour l'avion**
RFM - Thule 699 roof mounting kit CA$59.95
BSTK2 - Thule bike stacker 2 bikes (black) CA$229.95
232 - Thule Step Up Wheel Step CA$89.95
532 - Thule Ride On Adapter CA$94.95
593 - Thule Wheel On CA$89.95 Front Wheel Carrier
982XT - Thule Frame Adapter XT CA$59.95


Accessoires Prix Note
E7235 - Yakima Hitchlock CA$49.99
E7233 - Yakima 9 FT SKS Cable CA$64.99
E2623 - Yakima Security Strap CA$29.99
E2531 - Yakima Tube Top CA$69.99
E2067 - Yakima Wheel Fork CA$79.99 Front Wheel Carrier
E2094 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 24mm CA$49.99 24mm Fork Adapter
E2095 - Fork Adapter Lefty CA$94.99 Fork Adapter Lefty
E2096 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 20mm CA$99.99 20mm Fork Adapter
E2099 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 15mm CA$99.99 15mm Fork Adapter
E2097 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 25mm CA$49.99 25mm Fork Adapter
E2082 - Yakima Rattler Strap CA$44.99
E7235 - Yakima Hitchlock CA$49.99


Accessoires Prix Note
SR0012 - Sportrack bike stacker (2 bikes) CA$219.95
SR0010 - Sportrack Bike Valet (6 bikes) CA$129.95
SR0901 - Sportrack Locking Hitch Pin CA$49.95
SR0020 - Sportrack Locking Cable CA$24.99
SR0022 - Sportrack Locking Kit CA$59.95
SR0017 - Sportrack Locking Knob CA$24.99
SR0018 - Sportrack Locking Knob CA$29.95
SR0500 - Sportrack Alternative Bike Adaptor CA$49.95


Accessoires Prix Note


Accessoires Prix Note
64016 - Swagman Park City 6 Vélos CA$99.99


Accessoires Prix Note
FU-1050 - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Brutus CA$79.99
FU-3035B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Yukon CA$74.99
FU-2035A - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Fat Boy CA$94.99
FU-1035D - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Pugsley CA$94.99
FU-1024B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Downhill 24mm CA$79.99
FU-1042A - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Beartrap CA$74.99
FU-1015T - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Trilogy CA$69.99
FU-1017C - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Riser CA$94.99
FU-1012C - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Lefty CA$89.99
FU-1015F - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Sequel 15mm CA$64.99
FU-1010B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Standard 20mm CA$64.99