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RackUltra Rental Services


Short Cargo Boxes

►CARGO BOXES (16 cubic feet or up to 110lbs, interior lenght 180cm or 70,5 inches) $75 per week.

Security deposit $800 (credit card required).

Roof Rack Rental Base (Thule 480 - 460 - 450)

(only available with the rental of a cargo box, check for vehicule availability)

►ROOF RACK BASE $75 per week.

Security deposit $500 to $850 (credit card required).

Bike Travel Case

►BIKE TRAVEL CASE (Thule bike case for 1 bike) $50 per week.

Security deposit $700 (credit card required).


The roof rack system must be installed and/or inspected by a Rackultra Group employee when you rent a cargo box (installation fees are extra).

Rackultra doesn't recommend the installation of a rental box on a manufacturer's roof rack system.

Installation costs ca be charged for some items. The availability and products offered for rent may vary according to the store and the season.

The reservations can only be made directly at the store with a specialist, we won't accept reservation over the phone.

A 50% non-refundable reservation deposit is required for any reservation.