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Bikes Bikes mount for truck boxes


Product Price # of bikes Locked Drilling needed
501 - Thule Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Carrier CA$249.95 1 No No
821 - Thule Low Rider CA$49.95 1 No Yes
821XTR - Thule Locking Low Rider CA$99.95 1 Yes Yes
822XTR - Thule Bed Rider CA$299.95 2 Yes No


Produit Prix # de vélo Vérouillé Nécessité perçage
E1117 - Yakima Blockhead CA$79.99 1 No No
E1118 - Yakima Locking Blockhead CA$119.99 1 Yes No
E1140 - Yakima Bedrock CA$329.99 No No
E1143 - Yakima BikerBar Large CA$399.99 No No
E1149 - Yakima LongArm CA$329.99 No No
E1150 - Yakima LongArm Extender CA$99.99 No No
E1133 - Yakima Locking Bedhead CA$119.99 1 Yes No
E7410 - Yakima GateKeeper - Medium CA$184.99 4 No No
E7411 - Yakima GateKeeper - Large CA$199.99 4 No No


Product Price # of bikes Locked Drilling needed
TR1BLK - Saris Traps Fork Mount CA$40.49 No Yes