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Thule Tire Chain EASY FIT CU-9

$411.99 $219.99

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The Thule Easy Fit Snow Chains are the easiest snow chain to install ever made. These chains come with many different unique features. Front-back connection chain. Special steel links connected in a special ‘S’ shape connect the central bar to the internal rigid arch. An external removal system. By pressing the red buttons on the aluminum bar the chain comes away automatically. Anti-scratch nylon bumpers for alloy wheels and inner side of the bar lined with soft-touch anti-scratch fabric. Aluminum central element with buit-in self-tensioning system. The special internal rigid arch makes fitting the chain more intuitive and means you can fit from top to bottom. The chain is kept in an elegant nylon bag, which opens out into a practical rug, useful during fitting. The fitting instructions are clearly printed on the inside of the bag so they are easily visible during fitting.

195/80- 15
225/65- 15
225/55- 16
225/50- 17
225 45- 18
215/70- 14
235/60- 15
215/55- 16
235/40- 18
215/70- 15
215/60- 16
235/50- 16
235/45- 17
235/35- 19


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