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Watersports Kayaks


Product Price Straps Tie down front / back
KR150 - Autorack J-Style Kayak stacker CA$159.99 Included Yes
KR150F - Autorack J-Style Folding Kayak stacker CA$179.99 Inclus Yes


Product Price Straps Tie down front / back
834 - Thule Hull-a-Port CA$219.95 Inclus Yes
838 - Thule Hull-A-Port Aero CA$279.99 Inclus Yes
830 - Thule The Stacker CA$219.95 inclus Yes
835PRO - Thule Hull-a-Port PRO CA$289.95 inclus Yes
881 - Thule Top Deck CA$169.95 inclus Yes
878XT - Thule Set-to-Go (1/2 set) CA$159.99 inclus Yes
875XT - Thule Hydro-Glide (1/2 set) CA$159.99 inclus Yes
883 - Thule Glide and Set CA$289.99 inclus Yes
884 - Thule Roll Model CA$299.99 Included Yes
887XT - Thule Slipstream CA$499.95 inclus Yes
898 - Thule Hullavator Pro CA$779.95 Inclus Yes

Accessories Price Note
556BLK - Thule Universal rack pads CA$39.99
854 - Thule Waterslide CA$49.95
839 - Thule Get-a-Grip CA$89.95
855 - Thule Quickdraw CA$49.99
523 - Thule load straps 15 feet (4.57m) CA$54.95
847 - Thule Outrigger II CA$134.95
538 - Thule 6-Foot Braided Steel Cable Lock CA$54.95
232 - Thule Step Up Wheel Step CA$89.95


Product Price Straps Tie down front / back
SR5511 - Sportrack Mooring kayak carrier CA$169.95 inclus Yes
SR5512 - Sportrack Jetty Saddle CA$139.95 inclus Yes
SR5513 - Sportrack Mooring Deluxe CA$199.95 inclus Yes
SR5525 - Sportrack Jetty 12" Blocks CA$39.95 No
SR5526 - Sportrack Jetty 16" Blocks CA$69.99 No
SR5527 - Sportrack Jetty Deluxe 24" Blocks CA$89.95 Inclus Yes

Accessories Price Note
SR0700 - Universal Tie Down 2.75m (9') CA$14.95
SR0701 - Universal Tie Down 3.6m (12') CA$14.95
SR0702 - Universal Tie Down 4.57m (15') CA$15.95
SR0703 - Universal Tie Down 5.5m (18') CA$16.95


Product Price Straps Tie down front / back
E4039 - Yakima Hullraiser CA$209.99 inclus Yes
E4038 - Yakima Hullraiser Aero CA$204.99 inclus Yes
E4042 - Yakima Bowdown CA$299.99 inclus Yes
E4036 - Yakima Kayak Stacker CA$199.99 inclus Yes
E4041 - Yakima Bigstack CA$229.99 inclus Yes
E4054 - Yakima Standard Kayak Foam Blocks CA$39.99 inclus Yes
E4053 - Yakima Universal Kayak Foam Blocks CA$57.49 inclus Yes
E4052 - Yakima Evenkeel CA$179.99 inclus Yes
E4037 - Yakima Mako Saddles (1/2 set) CA$159.99 inclus Yes
E4044 - Yakima Mako Aero Saddles (1/2 set) CA$174.99 inclus Yes
E4035 - Yakima HollyRollers CA$174.99 inclus Yes

Accessories Price Note
E4034 - Yakima Multimounts (set of 2) CA$94.99
E4031 - Yakima Bow / Stern Tie Downs CA$49.99
E5006 - Yakima Heavy Duty Straps CA$34.99
E4018 - Yakima Boatloader CA$139.99
E4008 - Yakima Crossbar pads CA$39.99
E7237 - Yakima Boatlocker CA$59.99
E2589 - Yakima Drydock CA$259.99