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Bikes Accessories on the roof: Fork


Product Price Lockable Disc brake
KR110 - Autorack Porte Vélo Forkmount Universel CA$174.99 Included Yes


Product Price Lockable Disc brake
516XT - Thule Prologue CA$169.95 Included Most
526XT - Thule Circuit CA$219.95 Included Yes
561020 - Thule Outride CA$239.95 Included Yes
535 - Thule Thruride CA$299.95 Included Yes

Accessoires Prix Note
593 - Thule Wheel On CA$89.95 Front Wheel Carrier
53012 - Thule Thru Axle Adapter 12mm CA$74.95 Adaptateur pour fourche 12mm
53015 - Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 15mm CA$74.95 Adapteur pour fourche 15mm
53020 - Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 20mm CA$74.95 Adapteur pour fourche 20mm
530L - Thule Thru-Axle Adapter Lefty CA$89.95 Adapteur pour fourche LEFTY


Produit Prix Verrouillable Frein à disque
RM-1320 - RockyMounts Jetline Black CA$181.95 Extra Yes
RM-1012 - RockyMounts Tierod Black CA$181.95 Extra Yes
RM-1270 - RockyMounts SwitchHitter Black CA$245.95 Extra Yes

Accessoires Prix Note
RM-1081 - RockyMounts DriveShaft Thru-Axle Adapter CA$90.95 adaptateur pour fourche 20mm et 15mm


Produit Prix Verrouillable Frein à disque
E2098 - Yakima Forklift CA$249.99 Included Yes
E2115 - Yakima HighSpeed CA$299.99 Extra Yes
E2117 - Yakima ForckChop CA$159.99 Extra Yes

Accessoires Prix Note
E2108 - Yakima WheelHouse CA$119.99 Porte roue avant
E2096 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 20mm CA$74.99 20mm Fork Adapter
E2099 - T-Axle Fork Adapter 15mm CA$74.99 15mm Fork Adapter
E2122 - Yakima T-Slot Kit (HighRoad / HighSpeed) CA$34.99


Product Price Lockable Disc brake
SR4624 - Sportrack Downshift Plus CA$179.95 Yes Yes


Product Price Lockable Disc brake
INA391 - Inno Fork Lock III CA$229.99 Included Yes
XA391 - Inno Fork Lock Aero CA$229.99 Included Yes


Accessoires Prix Note
FU-1050 - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Brutus CA$79.99
FU-3035B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Yukon CA$74.99
FU-2035A - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Fat Boy CA$94.99
FU-1035D - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Pugsley CA$94.99
FU-1024B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Downhill 24mm CA$79.99
FU-1042A - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Beartrap CA$74.99
FU-1015T - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Trilogy CA$69.99
FU-1017C - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Riser CA$94.99
FU-1012C - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Lefty CA$89.99
FU-1015F - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Sequel 15mm CA$64.99
FU-1010B - Hurricane Components - Fork Up Standard 20mm CA$64.99